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Questions tagged [naked-eye]

Questions about the visibility of things in space without the aid of a visual device (like a camera or computer)

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4 votes
1 answer

Did any lander or rover photograph the sun rising or setting during a Martian dust storm?

Mars Pathfinder photographed the setting sun, and University of Arizona Mars Pathfinder Imaging Team produced color corrected images (as they would appear to the human eye) like these This is a ...
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Is Jupiter bright enough to be seen in color by the naked eye from Jupiter orbit?

After seeing spectacular photographs of Jupiter, especially this one: I wondered if this would be visible with the naked eye from Jupiter orbit? Is the sunlight at Jupiter bright enough to see this ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Colors of the ISS solar panels?

What color(s) does the solar panels on the ISS look like the human eye through either a spacecraft window or helmet visor? The solar panels look a different in different photos. ESA website NASA ...
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Was this Gemini "giant eye chart" ever performed?

This article from the May 14, 1965 issue of the Manned Spacecraft Center Roundup describes an "eye chart" experiment on an upcoming Gemini flight. Did this experiment end up happening in any manner? ...
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At what magnitude would adjacent large geostationary communications satellites see each other?

Imagine I'm sitting on a geostationary satellite. I can see the Earth in front of me. It's about the size of a soccer ball at arm's length. To the left and right, I can see similar satellites in the ...
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Naked Eye View of ISS: Resolution?

My wife and I watched ISS over NM tonight (10/17/2016). We both thought that it looked larger than point-like. Can the ISS look like an extended object? Are there docked, or nearby, rockets that ...
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Which of the outer planets could you see with the naked eye if you were in close proximity?

My question is which of the outer planets you could see with the naked eye if you were in close proximity to them. It's pretty obvious the human eye can see the inner planets through to Mars, but I ...
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