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Are changing regolith properties under different thermal conditions a concern for the VIPER rover?

NASA's VIPER mission will send a rover to the lunar south pole, which will drive on sunlit terrain and in permanently shadowed regions (PSRs), which are among the coldest places in our solar system. ...
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Will it be possible for the crewed Orion spacecraft to fly over the lunar south pole to land the VIPER rover there?

Artemis 2, the planned crewed mission of the Orion spacecraft, will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will then be the first crewed spacecraft to the Moon in 50 years ! VIPER is a lunar ...
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What is the calculation for the distance VIPER can travel without recharging its batteries?

VIPER, the lunar rover NASA has developed to search for water in the permanently shadowed regions near the south pole of our Moon, will be equipped with (rechargeable) batteries to be able to drive, ...
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Why only 100 days for VIPER to look for water in the lunar south pole region?

VIPER is a lunar rover by NASA that will be tasked with prospecting for lunar resources, especially water ice, in permanently shadowed areas in the lunar south pole region. It is meant to support the ...
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Why can't the VIPER lunar rover recharge its 100-day power source using its solar panels?

update 1: NASA wants ideas for keeping Moon missions powered in the dark update 2: NASA’s Artemis Rover to Land Near Nobile Region of Moon’s South Pole which is informative here Source NASA ...
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