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The Nauka module of the ISS

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The coolant leaks on the ISS and associated spaceships: are they still mysterious?

Are the real reasons now known that caused the leaks in the Soyouz, Progress and heater exchange devices on the Nauka module causing the loss of that special liquid and giving a lot of troubles to ...
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What device did Oleg Novitsky insert into the hatch of the Nauka module before opening it? How does it work? When did it arrive to the ISS? [duplicate]

The Roscosmos Media video Первое видео из модуля «Наука» (google translates to: "The first video from the module "Science" (Nauka)) shows Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr ...
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Is the ISS going to yaw and assume the XPOP attitude for Nauka docking?

I noticed this in the launch of Nauka MLM to the ISS. (Previously I had assumed it would dock in a similar manner to Progress or Soyuz, that is coming from behind and underneath - this says the ...
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What capacity will be lost by deorbiting Pirs

Nauka should, hopefully this year, replace the ISS' Pirs module. While Nauka is already pretty old, I suspect it will bring a lot of interesting features to the space station. However, Pirs might have ...
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