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The Nauka module of the ISS

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What device did Oleg Novitsky insert into the hatch of the Nauka module before opening it? How does it work? When did it arrive to the ISS? [duplicate]

The Roscosmos Media video Первое видео из модуля «Наука» (google translates to: "The first video from the module "Science" (Nauka)) shows Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr ...
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Is the ISS going to yaw and assume the XPOP attitude for Nauka docking?

I noticed this in the launch of Nauka MLM to the ISS. (Previously I had assumed it would dock in a similar manner to Progress or Soyuz, that is coming from behind and underneath - this says the ...
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What capacity will be lost by deorbiting Pirs

Nauka should, hopefully this year, replace the ISS' Pirs module. While Nauka is already pretty old, I suspect it will bring a lot of interesting features to the space station. However, Pirs might have ...
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