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Is N2O a practical monopropellant?

N2O has been worked with very early on in the 40s and now again is seeing a resurgence. Is this interest merited, disregarding its apparent non-toxicity, and how well does it perform in an engine/...
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Designing a catalyst for use in catalytically hypergolic fuel mixtures using nitrous oxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide with hydrocarbons such as RP1 has long been a popular choice, not least of all for its hypergolic properties when paired with a catalyst bed. This motor design, catalysing ...
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Highest Isp achieved with nitrous oxide as oxidizer

What is the highest Isp achieved on orbital rocket for an engine that used nitrous oxide as oxidizer? Both hybrid and liquid engines can be considered. Not considering nitrous oxide monopropellant ...
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Hydrocarbon + Nitrous Oxide: Is this a "friendly" alternative propellant system to hydrazine and NTO?

Even if you don't care about hypergolicity, there's the serious problem that most storeable chemical fuels are either horrifically toxic (like N2O4), dangerously unstable (like high-test peroxide), or ...
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Rocket Engine demonstrator fuel choice [closed]

As rocket Science and Space Exploration is becoming more and more popular, I'm currently running some numbers, whether it would be possible to build a rocket engine for showing at schools or ...
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Is nitrous oxide hypergolic with anything reasonably safe and obtainable?

Can I start an amateur rocket using nitrous oxide as either oxidizer or monopropellant, using a hypergolic slug of something reasonable for use by an amateur rocketeer? What substance could it be?
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Whipped cream hybrid rocket

I am currently working on a small hybrid rocket as a summer project. I've decided on using nitrous oxide as the oxidizer, but large tanks are expensive and I don't have a lot of money (I'm in high ...
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