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Comparison of F-1 and RD-170 rocket engines

The F-1 was the most powerful single-nozzle engine ever flown and the RD-170 the most powerful multiple-nozzle engine ever flown. Both engines use kerosin and LOX. The NK-33 was a smaller engine using ...
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Why were later Russian engines inferior to the NK-33?

In terms of thrust-to-weight ratio the NK-33 engine developed for the Soviet N-1 rocket was by far the best in the world at the time, with a thrust-to-weight ratio of 137. But subsequent Russian ...
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What materials can withstand corrosive oxygen-rich hot-gas environments inside rocket engines?

Russians figured out the metallurgy behind those super alloys since the N1 moon rocket era. Blue Origin is running its BE-4 engines on oxidizer-rich preburners and SpaceX’s full-flow Raptor engines ...
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Does the NK-33 engine require subcooled kerosene so cold that it turns to wax?

It was mentioned in this answer and in several other places on the internet that the kerosene fuel used by NK-33 engines needed to be subcooled enough so that it reached the same density as the LOX, ...
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For how long will the Soyuz 2.1v launcher use the old NK33 engines?

I understand that the Soyuz 2.1v launcher will switch from using the NK33 engine to the new RD-193 when stocks of the former are finished. Does anyone know how many launches, beyond the two so far, ...
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What replacement engine options are there for Antares?

Lots of articles out about how Orbital Sciences is talking with three vendors for a replacement for the NK-33/AJ26 engine pair currently used on the Antares booster. An article on SpaceNews notes ...
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How is an RD-180 engine a reasonable replacement for 2 NK-33/AJ-26 engines on Antares?

Orbital Sciences, which uses 2 Russian NK-33 engines on its Antares booster, has been suing Lockheed Martin/ULA over anti-trust violations, since they were not allowing Orbital to buy RD-180 engines, ...
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