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How redshifted galaxies will JWST be able to detect? [closed]

I see that the MIRI camera/spectrograph on JWST has an operational wavelength span between 5 and 28 micrometers. Now visible not redshifted light has wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers. If ...
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How will JWST extract the infrared signal from the desired early sources from all the other infrared it will see?

JWST will look for an infrared signal as low as 1 photon per second that comes from the earliest sources of infrared. But there will be infrared from any star in its field of view that is not ...
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General range of maximum RPMs used in reaction wheels in spacecraft?

I was wondering what would be the general range of RPMs used in Reaction Wheels (RW) on a satellite, and I have several closely related questions on this topic: It would definitely depend on the max ...
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How is stacking oranges in 24 dimensions related to receiving and decoding signals from the Voyagers?

I was listening to Sphere Packing Solved in Higher Dimensions; A Ukrainian mathematician has solved the centuries-old sphere-packing problem in dimensions eight and 24. and reading the transcript ...
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Will there be a command moratorium for Mars spacecraft again in 2021?

About every two years, Earth and Mars are on opposite sides of the Sun (a Mars-solar conjunction). Plasma expelled from the Sun can interfere with radio transmissions between Mars spacecraft and the ...
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Are there diagrams, animations, or even actual photographs of the very first "underground cable" on Mars?

In order to hear earthquakes and other seismic signals better: ...(the Insight) mission team has begun trying to partially insulate the (seismometer's) cable from the weather. They've started by ...
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How would you calculate the maximum bandwidth possible in space?

If you'd take Earth and Mars, and at both their closest and furthest position (ignore the Sun being nearly in-between for a moment), what would be the maximum amount of bandwidth possible between ...
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How much of the energy of a rocket ends up as a noise?

Rocket launches are notoriously loud. So much so that measures are taken to prevent the noise/vibrations from damaging the rocket, the pad, or basically anything else within a few hundred meters. How ...
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Vibration and noise during launch of the Saturn V and Spaceshuttle in comparison?

I just saw a TV docu about the Apollo mission. Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders said the vibrations and noise during launch were much heavier than expected. I later heard a speech by the Shuttle ...
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What would be the minimum distance from the launch/landing platform to be not be bothered by Starship sonic booms?

One version of Starship has also been proposed to be used for Earth to Earth transportation medium. It won't be anytime soon but when they become normal, how far would the human settlement have to be ...
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Do the astronauts hear noise in their headsets?

Even before the launch of STS-135 there is plenty of noise recorded while the astronauts were speaking to each other and the people on the ground. Do the astronauts hear the same noise that is ...
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Noise inside an ACES/pumpkin suit helmet?

As I understand it there was plenty of noise inside a NASA EVA suit helmet from fans circulating the air. Was the Advanced Crew Escape Suit helmet for launch and reentry similarly noisy?
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