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questions about the top-most part of a rocket and design choices related to its shape and structure which would not otherwise be covered by the fairing tag.

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Just how pointy does a rocket's nosecone need to be?

There are some beautiful images of the Qu8k rocket launch on this web page and I show a few below. There's a video (below) and the PDF Qu8k Final By Derek Deville, November 27, 2011 The stainless ...
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What are the pros and cons of Aerospike nosecones?

Some rockets, mainly (only?) ICBMs have Aerospike nosecones Why are they preferred in lieu of traditional nose cones? Illustrations: An aerospike nosecone on a trident ICBM Video including the ...
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Would Dragon reenter safely if the nose cone stayed open?

If its nose cone does not close before reentry, would the Dragon capsule be safe after reentry? The nose cone protects important components like the forward hatch and guidance systems. How damaged ...
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What did Skylab 1 carry in its nosecone?

Skylab 1 was the uncrewed Saturn V flight that launched the space station. The workshop itself was adapted from the Saturn's third stage. As this was an uncrewed flight, there was no need for a ...
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