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questions about the top-most part of a rocket and design choices related to its shape and structure which would not otherwise be covered by the fairing tag.

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SpaceX Dragon Shape: Power Series, Ellipsoid, or Haack/Von Karman?

The SpaceX Dragon module has a round apex typical of power series, ellipsoid, and Haack/Von Karman shapes. I'm wondering which of these SpaceX actually used. References would be appreciated. My guess ...
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How does the SpaceX Dragon nosecone separate?

SpaceX's Dragon uses a nosecone to protect the docking port during ascent. The nosecone seems very large. 1/3 of the capsule's height large. And yet, it separates while the second stage engine is ...
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Is the nosecone of the CST-100 Starliner more than structural?

The CST-100 Starliner is Boeing's new crew capsule. It has a detachable nosecone which serves several structural purposes. Because the capsule uses a pusher-style launch escape system, there is no ...
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