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Are there any long term storable sources of vitamin C?

I have heard that no known long term shelf stable form of vitamin C is known. I find this surprising, is it really true? What are the best options for astronauts to have vitamin C for long term (>1 ...
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Do astronauts lose potassium faster than terrestrial humans?

According to the Apollo Program Summary Report, astronauts on the longer 15-17 missions have difficulties maintaining dietary potassium levels. Section 8.4 claims Negative nitrogen and potassium ...
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Has a source of vitamin C ever been successfully grown in space?

Growing one's own food has long been a goal of space exploration. It has the potential to reduce the amount of mass needed for long-term missions. Food has been experimentally grown and eaten on the ...
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Are there any vegetarian astronauts?

Following this question and other food-related questions, including on Quora, I failed to see mention of a meal without meat or fish. I suppose: It is technically possible to have healthy vegetarian ...
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Will we all be in voluntary ketosis on Mars?

The EurekAlert! NASA mission tests ketogenic diet undersea, simulating life on Mars University of South Florida researcher will be in nutritional ketosis during NEEMO 22 mission packs a lot of ...
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Dried beans, rice and oats, jerky, olive oil, salt, vitamins, electrolytes, water; anything else?

If I don't worry about morale, would daily, average sized meals from the following be sufficient to stay alive for three years in space? I'm assuming only water is recovered from waste. Assume enough ...
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