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Questions tagged [ocular]

Questions regarding eyes or vision of astronauts, mostly from a medical and health perspective, about degradation of vision in microgravity due to loss of blood pressure gradient, exposure to higher levels of environmental radiation, and other environmental changes like chemical composition of breathable air, and so on. Not to be confused with an alternative term for an eyepiece, usually in front of Barlow lenses in telescopes and microscopes.

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8 votes
1 answer

Was this Gemini "giant eye chart" ever performed?

This article from the May 14, 1965 issue of the Manned Spacecraft Center Roundup describes an "eye chart" experiment on an upcoming Gemini flight. Did this experiment end up happening in any manner? ...
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40 votes
2 answers

Why do they have a Snellen eye chart on the ISS?

During a recent NASA broadcast, I noticed something in the background: It looks like a Snellen chart to me, but why would they have that on board? If that's not it, what is it then?
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12 votes
1 answer

Has dependent one-carbon metabolic pathway been successfully linked to ocular health of astronauts?

NASA is pretty active in investigating deteriorated vision issues of astronauts that, I guess, are most frequently linked to the loss of intracranial blood pressure due to microgravity with their ...
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22 votes
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Does long-term residence on the ISS affect eyesight?

Life on a space station is very confined. For months on end, astronauts are kept in a structure that's about the size of a football field on the outside and much smaller on the inside. The nearest ...
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