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Control used during orbital insertion?

Which control is usually active during the orbital insertion phase of launch vehicles? Once the velocity requirement for orbital insertion is met, engine is switched off RCS usually takes care of ...
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What is the delta v required for insertion to sun-earth L2?

What is the delta v required to place a satellite in L2 from earth transfer orbit ( Like the James Webb Telescope )? Does orbits closer to L2 different delta v from orbits far from L2?
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Which reference frame for space shuttle PEG orbital insertion?

Which frame were the space shuttle's orbital insertion attitude targets specified in? The shuttle had three frame choices: LVLH, INRTL, and REF (an inertial frame whose attitude the crew could lock in ...
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Space shuttle orbital insertion altitude for ISS rendezvous?

What altitude did the space shuttle normal target for orbital insertion on ISS rendezvous missions? In the likely case that there isn't a single typical number: can you give a number the shuttle might ...
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