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How long could a spacecraft be attached to ISS?

I've recently noticed how the "Design life, when docked to Space Station" parameter, varies across some of the modern spacecraft that are capable of docking to ISS these days: H-II Transfer Vehicle - ...
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Why destroy Juno at the end of the mission?

As follows from the mission timeline: Launch - August 5, 2011 Deep Space Maneuvers - August/September 2012 Earth flyby gravity assist - October 2013 Jupiter arrival - July 2016 Spacecraft will orbit ...
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What is the correlation between the cost of a satellite and its lifetime?

One of the answers to this question is generating some discussion about the cost and lifetime of a satellite. The question is, will a satellite become cheaper when you can design it for a shorter ...
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What would be the (most difficult) challenge to make a 10,000 year satellite?

Update: Bezos' recent Tweeted update on the 10,000 year clock. Also see The Verge's Construction begins on Jeff Bezos’ $42 million 10,000-year clock The discussions associated with the question Can ...
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Cubesat Orbit calculation [closed]

I am trying to calculate the orbit parameters for a cubesat (Duration, eclipse time and sun time) can someone help please
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Can an artificial satellite stay in orbit forever?

If an artificial satellite is in orbit around the Earth, it collides with dust and gas and loses a very small amount of kinetic energy to these collisions, and eventually will spiral down towards ...
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2 answers

Expression for density in the Thermosphere and Exosphere

Motivation is: I would like to be able to reproduce the part of this graph for circular orbits from first-principles. The critical information to do this is the gas density as a function of altitude, ...
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How long does a CubeSat last?

If I were to launch a CubeSat, how long would it last before falling out of orbit and burning up in the atmosphere?
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