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If the lights we receive from old galaxies are old, could we see ours if we were in those galaxies? [closed]

I am bit of an amateur in space and astronomy. As far as I understand the light that we receive from those galaxies is old, millions and billions of years old. A galaxy that is 100 million light years ...
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Would it be possible to get a modified SprHvy booster to orbit, then send a full stack with Starship on a "standard" config, then mate them in orbit?

The idea is to get a modified Superheavy booster to orbit minus Starship. Then send a Starship to orbit on a standard configuration, and mate the first booster with the recently arrived Starship. So ...
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Are all satellites of all planets in the same plane?

I'm aware of the fact that all planets are almost in the same plane as the Sun and the Earth(ecliptic) plane except Mercury and Pluto(which are more tilted). Are all satellites of all the planets also ...
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How does a planet's gravity push away smaller bodies that would otherwise intersect its orbit?

I was reading an article about dwarf planets online where I stumbled upon the following definition of a planet: The International Astronomical Union defines a planet as being in orbit around the ...
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Outer planet trajectory design versus the asteroid belt

Several space probes have been launched to destinations beyond the asteroid belt: Pioneers 10 and 11, Voyagers 1 and 2, Ulysses, Galileo, Cassini, New Horizons, and Juno, at least. While the odds of ...
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Using a solar sail to concentrate sunlight at large distances

Space probes which travel to the outer planets usually use RTGs to provide power as photovoltaic cells are impractical at those distances from the Sun. Solar sail could be used to first propel the ...
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Mars mission success rate vs. outer planets success rate

I've heard discussion of the Mars Curse, with the very high failure rate of missions to the planet. Comparing NASA Mars missions to NASA outer solar system missions since the beginnings of the 1970's ...
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Which of the outer planets could you see with the naked eye if you were in close proximity?

My question is which of the outer planets you could see with the naked eye if you were in close proximity to them. It's pretty obvious the human eye can see the inner planets through to Mars, but I ...
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What exactly did the Outer Planets Panel say in their recommendation for outer planets missions?

In the 1960s, James Van Allen's Outer Planets Panel made a proposal that NASA begin planning missions to the outer planets, that eventually led to Pioneer 10 and 11. I've found many sources that ...
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When is the next Outer Planet lineup (Voyager)

If I remember correctly, The construction and launch of the Voyager spacecrafts in the early 1970s had an urgency as there was to be an unusual lineup of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus ...
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