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Release of gases and volatiles from various materials under underpressure or vacuum conditions.

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Coatings on spacecraft structures

Traditionally, aluminium spacecraft structures have been alodine-coated to protect the surface from corrosion and resistance to scratches. However, the last few years I've noticed that more and more ...
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Has biological pressurization ever been used in spacecraft or in experimental applications?

I love kimchi and I love space exploration, so I was doing some research about whether and how fermented foods such as kimchi might have been consumed in space. For those who haven't tried it, kimchi ...
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Has one satellite's outgassing ever affected another satellite in the same fairing? Documented examples?

At about 01:31 in Scott Manley's new video RocketLab & Reusable Rockets - Plasma Knifes, Ballutes, Helicopters and... Elephants he says: This occurs during a ...
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Outgassing as a viable explanation of Oumuamua acceleration excess

A recent paper on Oumuamua claims the following: 'Oumuamua (1I/2017 U1) is the first object of interstellar origin observed in the Solar system. Recently, Micheli et al. (2018) reported that '...
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Did Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster actually launch to space? [closed]

I'm sorry I have to ask this question but I need evidence for a friend. My answer to her that I trust people who specialize in the field to know better than me is 'BS' to her. So to begin... My ...
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How serious a problem can outgassing of satellites be?

As I was reading the Cubesat standard, one of requirements is low outgassing "to prevent contamination of other spacecraft". It also gives a link to a NASA-approved list of low outgassing ...
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What kind of leak rates do modern habitat modules have?

I thought I was going to be able to answer this question for myself, after seeing the paper Determination of On-Orbit Cabin Air Loss from the International Space Station (ISS). But it turned out that ...
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Has any spacecraft to date suffered catastrophic gasket degeneration in space?

A gasket is a precisely formed body of some (yielding) material placed at a mating surface usually to prevent leakage. It may also be constructed of an alloy as was done in early IC engines. ...
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Ultra-lightweight material for structural components - aluminium foam?

This is (again) something from the back of my head, that I am looking for right now. I think that in 2008, I saw a presentation on foamed / expanded aluminium for structural components (1). The ...
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