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RF information for ship detection

Previously I have asked Space based active optical sensors for maritime surveillance. As a follow on, No Synthetic Aperture Radar sensor is allowed. The suggestion is to use an RF scanner and verify ...
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Could solar sails be used in station keeping?

Could solar sails work in place of solar vanes for passive stabilization in station keeping a satellite fixed in the Lagrange 2 point on a parallel orbit with the Moon? Related: What is the ...
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WRESAT spin dissipation system, was it passive or active?

WRESAT had a hydraulic loop energy dissipation system to change its axis of spin. An interesting point to note about the WRESAT design is that, even though WRESAT was spinning around its long axis ...
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Passive spin damping system

I'm thinking of how a satellite can be fully passively stabilized. We have two passive attractors, forces that draw the satellite towards a certain orientation. A bar magnet will orient along the ...
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Passive attitude stabilization with magnets - are there studies based on actual flight data?

Specifically with the small satellite and cubesat people, there is an rather 'old' idea around: Passive attitude stabilization based on permanent magnets. Schematic of the Earth magnetic field lines ...
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