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Optimal depth for underground flyby?

Planetary flybys are used to modify the orbital parameters of spacecraft. For maximum gain, a large deflection angle is often desired. But the deflection angle is limited by the closest approach, ...
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How does one design a trajectory involving a lunar and Earth flyby and Lagrange points? What tools are used to calculate the initial guesses?

I'm trying to design a trajectory that takes a spacecraft from Sun-Earth L2 to a lunar flyby, to an Earth flyby and then to Mars (two flybys might be too complex, I might just do one). I've optimized ...
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Patching two Lambert's problem solutions together

I am following this paper on the implementation of a genetic algorithm to find a good MGA trajectory. The way they approach the problem is by solving the Lambert problem for each planetary transfer. ...
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Why are all trajectories in space a conic sections?

All trajectories available in space: circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, straight line are parts of cone. Why? Does the spacetime have a conic shape?
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Patched conics Earth to Mars transfer, find Vinf at arrival at Mars

I've tried to solve a patched conic problem found on the 8th chapter of Fundamentals of Astrodynamics, Bate, Mueller and White, Dover 1971. Attached is the problem, which concerns the sub part (e), ...
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How to plot conic from Lambert solver

I am trying to solve for an optimal multi-gravity assist trajectory from Earth to Saturn using Matlab. I have already solved for the departure and arrival velocities from and to each planet using a ...
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Design of return trajectory from lunar polar orbit to Earth's atmosphere

Given a flight path angle, altitude and velocity at re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, how do I go about designing the return trajectory from a polar orbit at 17km altitude about the lunar surface ...
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Patched conic approximation targeting retrograde LLO yields prograde orbit

I'm playing around with optimization of a patched conic approximation for a transit from earth orbit to LLO, and when I take the resulting retrograde trajectory and plug it into an integrator, I get a ...
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How to best patch my conics?

I thought I'd try to use patched conics to see what it's like. I'll go from LEO to LXO (low Planet-X orbit), co-planar all the way. If I understand correctly, I'll have (at least) five conics. The ...
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