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Questions tagged [payload]

Questions regarding equipment or other material to be transported during space exploration.

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Why isn't the JWST mirror bigger?

What's behind the choice of not designing the largest possible folding mirror for the James Webb space telescope, since something like a 13m diameter mirror could also fit in Ariane's fairing?
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Crew Dragon: Could launch escape thrust determine payload capacity?

The superdracos in Dragon's launch escape system each produce $\color{black}{\texttt{71.2 kN}}$ (16,000 lbf) of thrust. There are eight superdracos, giving a combined thrust of $\color{black}{\texttt{...
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What was South Korea's Nuri's dummy payload and where did it end up?

Wikipedia's Nuri (rocket) explains that it is a South Korean, three-stage all indigenously developed launch vehicle, and says: On 21 October 2021, it had its first flight at 08:00 UTC and it launched ...
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Info needed on PSLV launch adaptors and configurations

I want to understand how satellites are accommodated in PSLV. I know about few configurations and adaptors that've been used in the past. Is there any document which gives detailed info on Multiple ...
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What was the STS mid-deck cargo capacity?

What was the normal cargo capacity of the Shuttle mid-deck, in terms of mass and volume? STS-135 apparently carried more than usual in the mid-deck, how much and how?
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Are there examples of cargo being damaged during re-entry?

Are there examples of items being brought to or returned to Earth that were damaged in the re-entry process? For example, lunar samples during Apollo, or something being returned in the Shuttle ...
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How much payload could a manned Dragon return, if unmanned?

The first mission to the ISS by Dragonrider (and CST-100) is expected to be unmanned. That means when it returns, it will have ability to return a full cargo load. Of course, ISS payloads are often ...
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Would the 6.5 ton capable Blue Moon lander fit in New Glenn?

As the 2 massive projects of the same company, are they designed to be compatible for NASA's CLPS program ? New Glenn's said to have a 7 m payload fairing diameter but as far as I know, Blue Moon's ...
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Compressible foam in space

I've started looking into the use of compressible foams used in space (specially in approximately 500 km SS orbit). I've tried to find some form of heritage or proof of concept missions that have used ...
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Parasite Satellite

With computers and technology becoming lighter and is also effected by drag. Could a small satellite that lacks certain systems be designed to utilize an existing satellites systems like radio, solar ...
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