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Questions regarding the Orbital Sciences Corporation (now part of Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems) Pegasus air-launched rocket or its larger variant the Pegasus XL.

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How much time it takes a Pegasus XL to reach launch altitude?

On average, how much time it takes for the plane launching the Pegasus from the moment the plane starts to the moment it launches the rocket?
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Is it coincidence that the Electron has very similar dimensions to the Pegasus?

Orbital ATK Pegasus: 16.9 m × 1.27 m RocketLab Electron: 17 m × 1.2 m Apart from that, the two rockets are very different: the Pegasus is a solid-fuel, air-launched rocket with a mass of 18.5 t and ...
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Range safety for air-launch vehicles

One of the main advantages for air-launched orbital systems is their ability to effectively provide a mobile launch site. The Pegasus (XL) is the only operational orbital air-launch system, but others ...
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