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Phobos is the larger and inner of the two natural satellites of Mars.

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How much energy is needed to bring Phobos closer to Mars?

Because Phobos has always the same face turned toward Mars, an electric propulsion system could be placed at the front to slow down the orbital speed. But what would be the energy needed to supply the ...
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What's the escape velocity at the near/far end of Phobos considering tidal forces?

At the Roche limit tidal forces disintegrate bodies. A rock or a human would just float away from the points nearest/farthest from Mars. The tidal forces must be higher for rigid bodies than rubble ...
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Could a Mars rover go to Phobos or Deimos instead?

Could a Mars rover go to Phobos or Deimos instead of going to Mars? The choice is made after launch, and no further modifications can be made to the rover. Could it land safely? Up to what point could ...
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Is the cause of the Phobos-2 probe failure definitively known?

In 1987 the ambitious Soviet probe Phobos (Fobos)-2 made it to Martian orbit and started transmitting data. The Planetary Society Phobos-2 page shows all 38 images received over a period of about a ...
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Calculating low-thrust capture delta-V with high $V_{inf}$

I'm designing a CubeSat mission to the Martian moons, and am having trouble calculating capture delta-V. Once it gets into a circular orbit, I can do the rest, but the capture itself is giving me ...
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Could Phobos be easily saved from falling apart?

Edit: Since i've learned a lot from the excellent answer below, i've changed the content of my question totally to make it more realistic. The orbital radius of Phobos is gradually decreasing by 2 ...
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