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Glove in Phoenix Backshell?

I stumbled across this image which shows the Phoenix Lander being integrated into its backshell: This is the only image "source" I was able to find:
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How did NASA avoid a repeat of the Mars Polar Lander failure?

One of the most likely causes of the MPL (Mars Polar Lander) crash landing on Mars was the deployment of the legs being mistaken by the onboard computer as touchdown. Phoenix (and later InSight) ...
3 votes
0 answers

What does it mean when they say "switch to 32K " during the Phoenix Mars entry

In the Phoenix Mars entry video they keep saying "Odyssey switching to 32k", "Stop of Odyssey unintelligible Data and switch to 32k",and "We ...
22 votes
2 answers

Is this white stuff seen by the Mars Phoenix Lander water or carbon dioxide ice?

Source Here is an image which shows ice is evaporating over time. They use the word "ice". 1st: I'm not sure what they are talking about. Are they talking about the white stuff (like milk) ...
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2 answers

How to calculate velocity components of a point on Mars surface w.r.t. Mars center?

I found altitude, speed and acceleration data of old mission Phoenix during EDL phase, but they are referred to Mars c.o.g. rather than to ground or to landing site: Position and velocity (...
2 votes
1 answer

Images of Mars Phoenix Lander showing what's happened after more cycles of winter ice build-up?

The Mars Phoenix Lander's End of Mission is an interesting story. It was left in a state such that had it survived the Mars winter of 2008, it could potentially be contacted again in 2010. The Phoenix ...