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Questions tagged [physical-activity]

Questions about manual work and exertion during extra- and intravehicular activity, and physical exercises for recreation and body conditioning aboard spacecraft and in extraterrestrial habitats.

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10 answers

How far can you fall on the Moon without injury?

In the book "The Gods Themselves", Isaac Asimov imagines humans living on the Moon would enjoy much greater freedom of movement on the Moon. Each pair went up in unison; each pair rose and fell in ...
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How does astronaut activity from within affect a spacecraft?

Can physical activity from within a space craft affect it somehow? For example if somebody on the ISS performs repairs involving a lot of hammering, would it perhaps affect the station's orientation a ...
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Do astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) actually use their legs?

The European Space Agency writes to say ◾The applicant must have the normal range of motion and functionality in all joints. Historically, IMHO, astronauts came from a flight/test-pilot background....
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How fast could a person run on the Moon?

Measures of the vertical and horizontal vectors of athletes running shows that once they get up to speed the ratio of vertical to horizontal exertion is about 4:1. This paper by Jean-Benoit Morin Ph.D....
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How would swimming on Mars feel, given the lower gravity?

The hypothetical swimming pool is inside a habitat at atmospheric pressure, and on Mars at 0.38g of Earth. What are the major differences regarding water properties (viscosity, surface tension, ...
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At what surface gravity can't astronauts do full steps anymore?

We know that on the Moon in ~1/6 g the Apollo astronauts couldn't make full steps because they jumped with each step. At what surface gravity could you walk more like on Earth and at what gravity ...
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Will colonists on Mars have enhanced physical mobility relative to an Earth-normal environment?

A Princess of Mars (1912) by Edgar Rice Burroughs in Chapter III describes this "superhuman leap" by the hero John Carter: My effort was crowned with a success which appalled me no less than it ...
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7 votes
6 answers

What are the effects of body building on heavy planets?

This answer suggests that outer planets are very heavy and that lifting things on it is very energy expensive. If someone was to workout on a planet that is considered 'heavy' (whatever that means) ...
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1 answer

Have traditional forms of exercise such as Yoga been studied in orbit?

A follow-up to What is the exercise regimen under the SPRINT program? The Sprint program is briefly described as Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Training Now this may just be dogma on my part ...
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Any scholarly or serious work in Sports Science for the low surface gravity of Mars or the Moon?

One of my favorite answers in SXSE is this one which addresses subtler effects of low gravity on sports that one might not anticipate. There are other answers there, and other questions and answers ...
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With so little gravity, would swimming on Enceladus be feasible for humans?

I'm working on a science fiction piece set on Enceladus, and I'd like the characters (human) to do a fair amount of swimming (they've managed to terraform a small bit of ocean for themselves). However,...
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Does prolonged space flight have any effect on the physical traits of the human body?

Can a variable of physical traits like height, weight, complexion be changed in outer space? Maybe by gravity or by something else that determines these traits (like the UV rays of the sun that ...
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Can you have a relaxing full body massage in zero G?

This question is a bit more complex then it sounds at first. On Earth when getting a massage you lay on a table and gravity and friction holds you in place while the therapist pushes, pulls and ...
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Does ISS crew exercise time count toward their X hour work week?

In the discussion in the comments of this answer, I questioned whether the (reported) full 40 hours of designated work time (per week) for a new International Space Station (ISS) crew member could be ...
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Footage of Space Shuttle astronauts during launch and reentry

Is there readily available video of Space Shuttle missions showing the crew: During the entire time period from ignition to shortly after the shuttle has passed through planet Earth's atmosphere? ...
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Why are space vehicles at 1 Atmospheric Pressure? [duplicate]

I recently read multiple sources that indicate human-occupied vehicles (Space Shuttle, ISS, Soyuz, etc) are all pressurized to 1 atmosphere of pressure (approx 100 kPa). Since I believe that people ...
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Does gravity affect sweating?

I read this hot question. It's asked what is done with the sweat produced by astronauts in the ISS. This led me to question: does gravity affect the production of sweat? Is more, the same, or less ...
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