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Questions regarding astronomical bodies orbiting stars which are of proper size to be called planets.

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Planetary migration due to tidal forces

The fine U. Washington article Some potentially habitable planets began as gaseous, Neptune-like worlds mentions twice that tidal forces can induce inward planet migration. Two phenomena known to ...
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Would the Earth still precess if it were an ideal sphere?

I am trying (unsuccessfully) to acquire an intuitive understanding of planetary precession. Is Earth’s precession Torque-free Precession due to its asymmetry as per
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Rocky Planet around Proxima Centauri - how can we learn more about it?

Besides an epic millennium-long interstellar voyage by a probe, what can we possibly do to learn more about this rocky planet discovered around Proxima Centauri? I understand that we have some ...
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Which object has been on other planet(s) or other natural bodies the most times? What if orbits count?

Following answer(s) to Which object has been to space the most times? answer, and related to Objects that have been on the Moon multiple times one. Question: Are there any object(s) that travelled to ...
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Most accurate method to find exoplanets?

NASA has found thousands of exoplanets in space using their powerful telescopes. How exactly does NASA do so and what is the best method? I'm assuming that NASA uses some sort of sensor to detect ...
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