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Acronym for 'Portable Life Support System' Allows astronaut activity independent of the spacecraft

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Were the Apollo astronauts constrained in how they could set their PLSS cooling?

During EVA 2 of Apollo 17, Gene Cernan pointed out that having his PLSS on the "min cooling" setting was a little warm for him. That's probably because driving the lunar rover made his ...
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What was the transmitting power of the Apollo astronauts' PLSS VHF radio transmitters?

I'm assuming many of you are familiar with Larry Baysinger. A radio amateur who independently detected and recorded the transmissions from the Apollo 11 EVA using a homemade antenna. Larry Baysinger ...
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Can PLSS in atmosphere use enriched oxygen?

Does Mars space suit have to be pressurized? makes it pretty clear the atmospheric pressure on Mars is a miniscule fraction of Earth's own. In it's turn Wikipedia writes to say that the atmosphere ...
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