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Difference between 2 pumps on same shaft run by a turbo pump and 2 pumps run on separate turbopumps

So i was trying to understand the working of the Full Flow Staged Combustion cycle(FFSC) and was comparing it to the Staged Combustion Cycle(SC) and Closed Combustion Cycle(CCC) a question came up in ...
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What type of main propellant valves are being used in Rutherford Engine?

I am confused about the main fuel and oxidizer valves used in Rutherford engine by Rocket Lab's Electron Launch Vehicle (as shown in video link attached). It looks like angle valves but I don't see ...
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How much fuel/oxidizer was held in the piping of the Shuttle orbiter?

The space shuttle main engines were in the orbiter portion of the vehicle, but fed fuel (LH2) and oxidizer (LOX) from the external tank. Suppose the external tank is ejected before the LH2 and LOX ...
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Why are LOx plumbing not insulated?(ref: Huzel and Huang)

In the book Modern Engineering for Design of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines, the following excerpt appear in chapter 9 - Interconnecting Components and Mounts: The liquid-oxygen lines were not ...
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Insulation used in the plumbing line of the actual rockets

While using the pipes for plumbing of the liquid propellants at pretty low temperature because of which ice form on the line if not insulated or poorly insulated, which can lead to liquid to gas ...
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