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Is there any economical way to move the water from the Martian poles to the people?

update: Water at the poles has some more recent news: Science: 03-August-2018 Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars 28-Sept-2018 Pink lagoon provides clues to possible Mars ...
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Objects hotter at their poles than their equators?

Do we know of any astronomical objects--planets, dwarf planets, moons, etc.--that have a higher average temperature at their poles than on their equator? If we haven't observed this, is it still a ...
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Could a (differently) inclined orbit remain above a Lunar pole half of every revolution?

Let's say that we want constant communication between the Lunar north pole and Earth. The 5.145° orbital inclination of the Moon means that the (mountain at) the Lunar north pole will have line-of-...
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Is it a pure coincindence that the magnetic poles of Earth are near the geographic poles?

On Earth the magnetic poles are near the geographic poles. Does Earth have this situation by pure luck? What is the situation on other planets?
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Where should a lunar polar ISRU mission land?

In situ resource utilization of water ice in eternally shadowed craters on the Moon's poles might provide water for rocket fuel and astronaut survivability cheaper compared to launching water from ...
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