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Questions about body and intracranial blood pressure gradient loss as a consequence to human and animal cardiovascular health, their cognitive function and well-being due to staying in microgravity environment and loss of constant acceleration, and measures taken to combat adverse effects and possible long-term consequences to their cardiovascular system due to prolonged stay and adjustment to microgravity conditions.

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General queries on pumps

What will be the result if the pipe losses is greater than head produced by the pump? What will be the result if outlet is closed?
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Mars greenhouse accessibility

Let's say a Mars outpost has an inflatable greenhouse. First, it is likely to be high-CO2, as CO2 is easy to acquire and increases plant growth. Second, it may be low-pressure, as plants don't need as ...
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Scuba diving in free fall, do I need to worry about the Bends?

The Integral Trees is a 1984 science fiction novel by Larry Niven with an entire ecological system of oxygen breathing people and creatures, in free fall, in a gas torus. Water forms ponds, lakes, and ...
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What is the impact of micro-G environment and magnetic field in LEO on blood flow and brain function?

How are sleeping and cognition in microgravity, with rapid changes in magnetic field, different from the normal human life on Earth?
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How often do astronauts suffer headaches, migraines, etc. in microgravity?

This is a follow-up on a few similar questions of mine regarding effects of the loss of intracranial pressure gradient of astronauts that work in microgravity for extended periods of time, and how ...
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How do astronauts battle loss in blood volume in microgravity?

Past manned space missions teach us that the loss in gravity gradient has an adverse effect on the blood volume of astronauts. Our bodies are simply built to expect pressure gradient and in gravity, ...
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