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Pressure is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed.

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Low-pressure pump-fed rocket engine?

I saw the above suggested in LEO on the Cheap. In P.130 it says: A compromise between high-performance/lightweight pump-fed vehicle designs and cost-optimized pressure-fed vehicles with heavier ...
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What equation is being used- chamber pressure v.s. mass flow rate? (Cold-gas thruster)

I am doing a project on cold gas thrusters and have seen a couple of graphs relating chamber pressure against mass flow rate. I can't seem to find the equation that relates these two parameters to ...
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What is the inlet and outlet pressure of Merlin LOX/RP-1 turbopump?

I got the inlet and outlet pressure of Saturn V engines turbopumps here, but I couldn't find the turbopump pressure of the Merlin engine of Falcon 9.
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Merlin combustion chamber pressure

What is the combustion chamber pressure for Merlin? I mean the average and the maximum The Raptor engine was tested with a maximum 330 bar. I would like to compare them
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How strong is the Starship bottom bulkhead?

I am wondering how much of a role does the pressurization of the propelant tanks play in making them withstand the engine thrust. What I am getting at is how much would the pressure offset or balance ...
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Reliability of self pressurization of propellant tanks for liquid engines

In a cryogenic propellant tank, the liquid always continuously changes into gas which pressurizes the tank. To pressurize the tank more we can run the liquid through the pipes along the outer wall and ...
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What are some common exit pressures for liquid propellant engines?

Most engines are overexpanded at launch so that they reach peak efficiency at altitude. It’s easy to find values for thrust, specific impulse, expansion ratio, chamber pressure, etc, but I’m trying to ...
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what is the ISP loss associated with pressure fed engines

Numerically, what is the approximate loss of overall system specific impulse associated with pressure-fed rocket engines, not only as a result of the low chamber pressure but also of the additional ...
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How would a hybrid motor N2O propellant tank control pressure?

Cryogenic engine prop tanks vent in order to control tank pressure. Thermal energy that (inevitably) gets conducted into a cryo tank raises the propellant enthalpy and so the pressure of the critical ...
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How does temperature affect a solar sail?

Is there an ideal temperature which solar sail material operates at? Does a colder reflective surface create more thrust? Related: How will JWST manage solar pressure effects to maintain attitude and ...
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Cryogenic liquid pressurization resulting in overpressurized tank

I want to pressurize a cryogenic liquid (LN2 in this test. Eventually LOX). I have a setup similar to this and follow a similar procedure to what is described, but I don’t see the same tank pressure ...
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Pressurant gas line design considerations

I am trying to understand the constraints on pressurant gas line sizes and lengths. For a static volume, the lines can be small in diameter because there is no significant flow velocity and therefore ...
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Rocket Combustion

How is the chamber pressure is arrived at for a given combustion temperature and mixture ratio ? Based on the mixture ratio, the value of gamma and temperature can be found out, using chemical ...
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Relationship between scaling up rocket, adding more engines and pressure inside tanks, feedlines

So can anybody say, what is relationship between scaling up rocket ( more payload to orbit ) adding more engines and pressure inside rocket tanks, feedlines. What is standard pressure inside F9R 1st ...
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