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How do I make HiPEP [closed]

I'm working on a rocket that uses ESP (electric solid propellant) and I found a propellant called HiPEP which is a mixture of HAN (hydroxylamine nitrate) and Polyvinyl Alcohol. My problem is that I ...
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How to estimate fuel needed to reach LEO, GEO, and L1 earth-moon? [closed]

I'm doing some calculations about fuel production on the moon. To get a sense of order of magnitudes involved. I'd like to know how much fuel is required to get 1kg of mass to LEO, GEO, and L1 Earth-...
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Can rocket engines which use hypergolic propellants be augmented with LOX for increased efficiency?

Hypergolic rocket engines typically use NTO and hydrazine based propellants. Wikipedia page on Liquid Rocket Propellants shows N2O4 and N2H4 at 1.36 ratio to have 286s Isp at sea level. My question is ...
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Rocket propellant control

In a liquid propellant rocket, how is the quantity of propellant controlled? - for two purposes. One for achieving the required "ratio" of propellants, and 2nd, to control the thrust of the ...
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