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Could Falcon 9 be Caught by the Orbital Launch Tower?

Would it be possible to catch Falcon 9 with the orbital launch tower by its current grid fins or load points that could be added? If they can do this and then remove the landing legs, would mass ...
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Is it possible to propulsively land an SRB?

I am wondering if it is possible to propulsively land a solid rocket booster after it detaches from the core booster. I know you could use thrust termination ports to stop thrust, but it would drop ...
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Can the SuperDraco engines aboard Crew Dragon be used to save the crew on splashdown if the chutes failed?

I've heard it several ways, so I should ask here. In the case of a main chute failure, are the SuperDracos able to attempt a contingency propulsive splashdown to save Dragon's crew? If this is in the ...
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How does New Shepard Crew Capsule sense proximity to trigger retropropulsion just before impact?

How does the New Shepard Crew Capsule sense proximity to the ground in order to trigger retropropulsion just before impact? GIFs from Blue Origin NS-10: New Shepard launch & landing, 23 January ...
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What would the BFS' landing on Mars be like, if it is different from this animation?

The question What is the terminal velocity on Mars? and its answer has got me rethinking the BFR's reentry and propulsive landing simulation/animation shown in the recent SpaceX video First Private ...
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SpaceX and propulsive landing on Mars -- what just happened? (and why?)

There is some news that I've just read about in the Pod Bay SE chat room: Wired: SpaceX's Mars Plan Hits a Pothole. Up Next: The Moon? Ars Technica: Elon Musk’s Mars rocket may be about to lose half ...
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Is there any reason why a spacecraft would not be able to turn around without a gravity assist?

Let's say you have a spaceship on its way to Mars; halfway there you decide you need to come back to Earth instead. Is there any reason a spacecraft would be unable to do this? Let's assume it began ...
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Did CRS-6 landing fail because the steering fins are ineffective at low speed?

Images of the second attempt to land the first stage of the Falcon 9 on a barge, following its successful launch of CRS-6, show how it suddenly swung more than its cold gas engines could compensate ...
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What are the challenges of turning a rocket stage around and firing its engines into a supersonic wind?

So I went to the link in a recent question and discovered SpaceX turns its first stage around while it is going, what, several km/s in the upper atmosphere, restarts 3 of the engines and fires ...
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