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Where can I find citeable material on radiation shielding solutions utilized on different test missions?

I'm having a hard time finding citeable material on what different radiation shielding solutions different test missions have utilized. So far I've found that: SpectroCube only shields its most ...
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When and when not to use the SDLS protocol?

When should the features provided by the Space Data Link Security Protocol (SDLS) be applied to TM Data Space Link Protocol communications? This is with respect of ensuring protection within the ...
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Did any of the Space Shuttle RCS covers ever stay on?

This dashcam video of the STS-133 launch shows some sort of plastic bag looking objects that blow off the nose of the shuttle in the first few seconds after liftoff. This answer says they are the RCS ...
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Is exposure to cosmic radiation more dangerous on some body parts than on other?

Radiation causes genetic mutation and every (human) cell in our body have the same genes. But on Earth we don't get cancer as often in the foot as in the genitals or in the brain. Some parts of our ...
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Martian atmosphere's effect on radiation?

The atmosphere of Mars protects it's surface from micrometeorites. How significantly does the Martian atmosphere reduce radiation in comparison with, for example, the Moon's surface or open space?
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How is the Hubble main mirror protected from debris?

The Hubble Space Telescope recently hit 25 years in space. It orbits at ~550 km altitude (limited by the altitude the shuttle could reach to service it) and has sustained minor/trivial exterior ...
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How are spacecraft shielded from solar radiation? [duplicate]

I realize that the Earth has an atmosphere that protects us from solar radiation, but what if we go beyond the atmosphere? I researched that the atmosphere is 300 miles thick and the moon is 238,400 ...
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What is the SpaceX barge topped with?

For having a Falcon 9 (almost) land on it, the SpaceX barge doesn't seem to have faired too badly: Click for full version In June 2015 the first model barge was replaced, and here is an image of the ...
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Why is gold used in space technology to protect from heat radiation?

AFAIK, NASA and others are using mainly gold to protect surfaces from heat radiation. But, as we can see with our own eyes, chrome or silver had probably a much better albedo, because they are white, ...
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Have liquid cooling systems been tested for reentry surfaces?

A tough exterior of heat-dissipating material is generally used for reentry modules. I am wondering if there have been any attempts or experiments at using liquid cooling systems as thermal protection ...
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What maximum speeds can be expected from meteorites?

Yes, I know, c is the limit, but let's say we want to build a shelter that will be meterorite-impact-proof, on the Moon, or some asteroid or anywhere without the atmosphere. We can spot anything ...
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What level of protection is required for spacewalkers?

If you're going on a space walk, you need to be shielded from cosmic rays, temperature, and possibly other issues. What components of cosmic rays are dangerous? What sort of protection is used to ...
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