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6 votes
1 answer

Proton rocket's engine fizzle

Why does one of Proton's engines sometimes leave a dark gas? Is it some sort of byproduct of the UDMH and NTO reaction or did the engine fail?
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5 votes
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Does the Proton-M have a launch termination system?

I was under the assumption that, in contrast to the oft-repeated "oh, those Russians", Protons actually do have launch termination systems which can be used to destroy the vehicle, akin to ...
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6 votes
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Why Russian rockets do not employ a true Range Safety Officer (RSO) destruct system?

In contrast to US & ESA programs, Russians do not employ true RSO destruct system. If rocket loses control, ground officers can send manual shut down command but they never destroy rocket in air ...
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What is the latest GSO capacity for the Russian heavy launch-vehicle Proton-M?

Proton started with Proton-K (Proton-Zond) to Proton-M and has now grown to major phases 1-4 and enhanced Block-Dm and Briz-M. What is the latest geostationary orbit (GSO) capacity? I could not find ...
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8 votes
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Why do Proton rockets use two types of main engines in its second stage?

The second stage of Proton (8K-82K) rocket has two types of main engines (RD-0210 and RD-0211). Does someone knows why?
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5 votes
1 answer

What happened during ILS Proton M / Mexsat 1 launch?

It seems that some "abnormal situation" (нештатная ситуация) happened about a minute before Briz-M upper stage ignition, possibly during third stage separation of the International Launch Services' ...
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