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How much of LOX will have to be generated for SpaceX Starship to get back from 16 Psyche?

Mixture ratio for Oxygen/Methane is 3.6 to 1 Liquid oxygen temperature of -183°C 16 Psyche (in shade) -113.15°C ( Looks like the idea of bringing enough ...
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How is the maximum data rate of the Psyche mission's Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) system expected to scale with distance?

NASA's Mission Page Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) includes the following: Key DSOC technologies developed for the project include: a low-mass spacecraft disturbance isolation and pointing ...
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What's this small source of glowing blue plasma next to Psyche's Hall effect thruster for? What does it do and why does the plasma curve and connect?

PV Magazine's NASA’s 1.5 billion-mile Psyche asteroid mission will be solar-powered includes the image below which is PIA24030 and the relevent part of the NASA caption is: The photo on the left ...