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explosive bolts, frangible nuts, pyrotechnic cable cutters and the like are reliable ways to convert an electrical signal to an irreversible and substantial mechanical release of something, separating parts or allowing a spring-driven device or cutter to actuate by triggering a small explosion. For other questions about explosives use the [explosives] tag.

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What is the difference between these various spacecraft pyrotechnics?

The following terms have been used in various Space Exploration StackExchange questions and answers. What are the differences (if any) between these various terms? detonating cord detonating fuse (...
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First instance of a frangible nut in space? Which space-nut was first successfully "franged"?

Wikipedia's Frangible nut begins: Not to be confused with Explosive bolt. The frangible nut is a component used in many industries, but most commonly by NASA[citation needed], to sever mechanical ...
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