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How is the Max-Q of a spacecraft determined?

Maximum aerodynamic pressure of a spacecraft is the maximum force it's hull can withstand during flight. How is the Max-Q of a spacecraft determined? Other related ( optional) queries are: If Max-Q ...
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Dragon 2 in-flight abort test - what will happen to the booster?

SpaceX is planning to do an in-flight abort test of the Dragon 2. I imagine that at max-Q the Dragon will start its own motors to fly slightly faster than the booster (and move sideways). Suddenly ...
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Atomic oxygen and UV Radiation qualification tests for a cubesat

I'm the Assembly, Integration and Verification Engineer of a cubesat project developed by students. Currently I'm trying to create the specifications for our payloads upcoming (mon)atomic oxygen (ATOX)...
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What is actually happening in this full mission rehearsal of CAPSTONE's propulsion hardware?

NASA Ames's feature CAPSTONE’s CubeSat Prepares for Lunar Flight says CAPSTONE will use a hydrazine-fueled propulsion system during most of its three- to four- month journey to the Moon. This line of ...
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What kind of impact tests to large touch screen displays in crew capsules have to pass?

Some of the glass layers in commercial large format displays are between 0.25 and 0.7 mm thick. (e.g. 1, 2) If something comes loose in a capsule during a high acceleration period (launch, reentry) ...
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Pressure and Leak Testing of Rockets

For any pressure vessel, hydrostatic/pneumatic pressure testing and helium leak testing are carried out as per UG-99/UG-100 and ASME, Section V, Article 10, respectively. For a rocket, what are the ...
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