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Part of planetary protection activities involving isolation of samples, equipment, and crew to prevent backward contamination of the planet of origin (the Earth) by potentially harmful biological agents from space or other planetary bodies.

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Would planetary quarantine have to be used for asteroid mining missions?

Currently, sample return missions have to follow very delicate procedures to move the sample to the return vehicle. This is incredibly complicated and may explain why so few missions have launched. ...
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How long did the Apollo astronauts spend in the MQF?

After returning to Earth, the Apollo 11 astronauts were placed in a Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF) to be transported to a NASA facility. How much time did the astronauts spend in the MQF?
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Was emergency burial of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory planned?

Regarding the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, in Sunburst and Luminary Don Eyles wrote in Debriefing (p.162 of 2019 edition): ...all this in case they had, against expectation, brought home some ...
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Why did Richard Garriott have to quarantine following his trip to the ISS?

I was reading about Richard Garriott and the drama surrounding his departure from NCSoft, and I was surprised to learn that NCSoft forged his resignation letter while he was in quarantine following ...
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Did astronauts and cosmonauts headed to the Mir space station go into quarantine before launch?

Humans headed to the ISS go into quarantine for 2 weeks before launch, and if they have medical problems during that time the backup crew takes over. Was this procedure also applied when going to the ...
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How did lunar quarantine methods compare to COVID-19 quarantine recommendations?

The first three flights that landed on the moon (Apollo 11, 12, and 14) required preparations to prevent possible lunar microbes from infecting the Earth. Equipment was disinfected and the astronauts ...
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Was the kill-the-moon-bugs disinfectant the same as the kill-the-Earth-bugs disinfectant?

During the Apollo program, measures were taken to prevent Earth microbes from contaminating the moon, and to prevent hypothetical moon life from infecting the Earth. What were the disinfectants used ...
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What was it like for the family members of astronauts before a launch? [closed]

What was it like to be the family member of an astronaut in the days and hours before a launch? Specifically, I'm curious about launches during NASA'S space shuttle program. Where did family members ...
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Was quarantine continued after Apollo 11?

After returning from the Apollo 11 mission, astronauts were placed in quarantine for 18 days (July 24 - August 10, 1969).              &...
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