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Spacecraft attitude: rotation between ECI, LVLH, and Body frames

I'm starting to study spacecraft attitude control and I'm quite confused about the attitude representation in different frames. By reading a bunch of textbooks and papers, I understood that I can ...
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How to calculate initial Rotation Matrix/ Euler Angles/ Quaternion for IMU data (gyroscope and accelerometer)?

I am trying to develop a code to track vehicle using GNSS/GPS data (NMEA) and IMU data (Gyroscope x,y,z; accelerometer x,y,z) i.e. dead reckoning using kalman filter. I know there's enough literature ...
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Should coordinate transformations from J2000 to ITRF93 in quaternions be cyclic?

I used SPICE's pxform at an interval of epochs to determine the transformation from J2000 (inertial) to ITRF93 (Earth body-fixed) frame. Then, I converted these rotation matrices to quaternions with ...
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Finding reference quaternion of a satellite in orbit

How can i find the reference quaternion of a satellite after it has detumbled? I need the quaternion to be able to successfully actuate my payload, which in this case will be a hyperspectral imaging ...
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How should the ISS telemetry for attitude be converted to roll, pitch, and yaw?

NASA, via Lightstreamer SRL, provides four "quaternion components" for the International Space Station's current attitude. These are labelled USLAB000018–21 and described as "US Current Local Vertical ...
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What are quaternions and how are they used to represent spacecraft dynamics?

The title says it all. Quaternions are widely used to represent the orientation of a spacecraft. Why is that, and how do quaternions compare to other alternatives?
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