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Is satellite retrieval still relevant given the progress of in-orbit service?

The downmass capability was one of the US Air Force's requirements in the Space Shuttle design. It was planned that the shuttle would retrieve spy satellites from orbit for refurbishing. This ability ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Besides HST, JWST and stations, are there any examples of satellites designed for service in space?

update: I've just read these intriguing first sentence in the recently published (and paywalled) Aviation Weekly article No Second Chances On Webb Telescope Deployment: NASA has no plans to service ...
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2 answers

Is Landsat-7's propellant resupply port "robot-ready"? (Restore-L mission)

update 2020-11-20: OSAM-1 (Formerly Restore-L) Continues to Make Progress, Fuel Tank Installed note: the recent 2019 news Northrop's satellite refueling spacecraft launches on October 9th which is ...
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