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Questions tagged [reuse]

Questions regarding the reuse of parts or equipment.

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How much cheaper are pressure fed engines compared to other cycles (e.g. staged combustion, gas generator, electric pump-fed)?

It's well known that pressure fed engines are mechanically simpler, and therefore cheaper than pump-fed cycles (although pressure fed has worse performance). However, I haven't found any sources that ...
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Purging process of a rocket engine

Does spacex purge Falcon 9 engines after landing ? If so, which gas is used for purging?
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Are there any benefits on Venus compared to Earth with respect to reusing launch vehicles?

My assumptions around building up infrastructure for dealing with space launches from Venus assumes colonization based on the principles outlined by Geoffrey A. Landis of NASA in paper Colonization of ...
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Which components are non-reusable after a sub-orbital spaceflight with Virgin Galactic?

I wonder which components are non-reusable after a sub-orbital spaceflight with Virgin Galactic. What I have found so far: (mirror): With the exception of the ...
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Atmospheric retro-propulsion performance of aerospike nozzles?

I’m thinking about the use of single toroidal aerospike engine for a reusable upper stage with propulsive landing capability and this question came to mind. Do aerospike nozzles even capable of retro ...
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Starship deceleration during belly flop?

Was just wondering what level of deceleration did they get during that belly flop manouver? Updated: Hiya, you're all correct, and I was a tad vague in my question! What I'm after is the vertical ...
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What advantages will Rocket Lab's Neutron have over the Falcon 9?

With Neutron's debut coming up next year, are there any advantages of Rocket Labs design over SpaceX's Falcon 9 FT? The most obvious I can see are the attached fairings, but certainly with all the ...
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What was the longest Rocketdyne F-1 full power test?

This number is relevant to the issue of F-1 reusability, as it determines how many flights are required before serious work needs to be done. That is because LOX/Kerosene engines have coking problems ...
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How does Starship/Superheavy system compare with the hypothetical successor of Soviet Energia/Buran system, "Uragan"?

The both were meant to be fully reusable and have comparable scale.
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Was the Martin Spacemaster a feasible design for a fully reusable launch system?

The first time I saw this design was in this post and I was intrigued. The Martin Spacemaster from ~1970. What a cool design! Lots of SSME's, fully reusable, asymmetrical cockpit, and air breathing ...
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What plans were made for Buran post-flight processing?

U.S. Space Shuttles underwent considerable post-processing after each flight. Gases, liquids, and payloads were removed; engines were refurbished; thermal tiles were repaired; and everything was ...
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SpaceX reusable rocket - when was technology first available and cost effective?

Today, a SpaceX rocket launching can be 97% cheaper than a Russian Soyuz ride cost in the ’60s What is earliest year such reusable rockets could have been constructed given technology availability or ...
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How to make a orbital launch tube work?

Normal rockets would not work in a pressurized tube, but could a stage be made for the diagonal launch tube to save fuel and weight? Can the bottom stage be nuclear powered? Unlike the piston launch ...
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How much fuel is necessary for 2nd stage of Falcon 9 rocket to land?

What is the fuel mass nedeed for the 2nd stage of Falcon 9 rocket to land, how much compared with its total fuel mass that it has? Or how much delta-v is necessary? Would it be able for Falcon 9 to ...
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How much did it cost to turnaround Rocketdyne F-1 test articles?

Despite being intended for an expendable vehicle, the F-1 was tested and rated for the equivalent of more than ten reflights. How much did it cost to turnaround the test articles between the firings?
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Have studies / worked examples, including mass figures, been published for these reentry methods for reusable upper stages?

(Related: is there a general rule of thumb for thermal protection systems?) For a fully-reusable launch vehicle to be developed, we need a lightweight thermal protection system and method for (...
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