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Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) is a data interchange format for raw satellite navigation system data.

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Understanding "classical" algorithms behind RINEX files post-processing

I'm new to this site so I want to apologize beforehand for all the mistakes I could make while writing this. So just to put my situation into context : I am currently an intern in an AI company tasked ...
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Extract GPS navigation messages from a RINEX navigation file

As a hobby project, I want to implement methods from the "GPS Software Attack" paper, which involves modifying GPS navigation messages. With this goal in mind, I am looking for: Examples of ...
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Time parameters in RINEX navigation file

Currently, I am trying to determine the position of a GPS satellite from a RINEX navigation file. I am using RINEX 2.11. Tables A3 and A4 describe how navigation files are structured. In order to ...
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Elevation and Azimuth of satellite in different location

I know the Elevation and Azimuth of the a specific GPS satellite (I have the RINEX files of the station in a specific Location 4.4801,-73.3433; in order to calculate this), but I want to know the ...
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