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Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) is a data interchange format for raw satellite navigation system data.

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TLE and RINEX gps differences

I have TLE and RINEX navigation file for GPS satellite PRN 20, for 01.04.17r. 19:56:56 and 20:00:00 respectively. See also The Receiver Independent Exchange Format Version 3.03. It seems that the ...
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Ephemeris time and clock corrections in RINEX navigation files

RINEX (Receiver INdependent EXchange format) is a set of file formats to distribute satellite navigation systems data, including GNSS. One of these standards, navigation files, provide positional ...
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Obtaining position of GPS and GLONASS satellites from RINEX navigation files

I am currently trying to understand the best way to use the available information in RINEX navigation files for GPS and GLONASS satellites. My main goal currently is to calculate the position at epoch ...
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PRN number in TLE files are the same in RINEX files? (in GPS constellation)

I want to compare the position calculated with Pyephem and TLE files, with RINEX files and GPSTK library in a specific date and time, but I have not the certainly if the name of the satellite "...
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Understanding "classical" algorithms behind RINEX files post-processing

I'm new to this site so I want to apologize beforehand for all the mistakes I could make while writing this. So just to put my situation into context : I am currently an intern in an AI company tasked ...
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Time parameters in RINEX navigation file

Currently, I am trying to determine the position of a GPS satellite from a RINEX navigation file. I am using RINEX 2.11. Tables A3 and A4 describe how navigation files are structured. In order to ...
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Elevation and Azimuth of satellite in different location

I know the Elevation and Azimuth of the a specific GPS satellite (I have the RINEX files of the station in a specific Location 4.4801,-73.3433; in order to calculate this), but I want to know the ...
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GPS - correction of individual satellite time

I have been trying to calculate the satellite position using the Clock, Ephemeris and Integrity data. For satellite time correction, I need Tsv, and ToC for the calculation but I couldn't find the ...
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