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Questions tagged [rocket-sled]

A sled propelled by a chemical rocket along a fixed track, used to test vehicles and equipment under high acceleration.

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Falcon 9's theoretical horizontal performance

Roughly how fast would Falcon 9 accelerate, and what would its payload's final speed be, if mounted horizontally on an ideal cart? Make simplifying assumptions as needed: massless frictionless cart, ...
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What barriers are there to creating a reusable rocket sled lanchpad? [duplicate]

The ideal rocket sled launch is building a track that accelerates a rocket (via linear motors or something like that) up the side of a tall mountain. Not only could this save huge amounts of fuel, but ...
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13 votes
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What would make a rocket sled launch feasible?

Wikipedia introduces the idea of a Rocket Sled Launch (also catapult launch, ramped launch, etc) as follows: With this concept the launch vehicle is supported by an eastward pointing rail or maglev ...
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