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The RS-68 engine is used on the Delta 4 family and burns LOX/LH2.

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Where is the gas generator on the RS-68?

Wikipedia notes that the RS-68 uses a gas generator cycle. I've already seen a couple of photos of the RS-68 and I do not see any gas generator exhaust pipe or a pipe leading into the nozzle. So where ...
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Why do RS-68s suffer ignition failures?

NROL-44 failed to be in space for yet one more night last night, this time because of an automated hotfire abort triggered when one of the outboard (iirc) engines on the Delta IV Heavy failed to ...
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Why not use Sparklers on Delta-4 Heavy launches to burn off the hydrogen?

With three CBC (Common Booster Core) modules firing their RS-68A engines simultaneously, a Delta 4 Heavy launch is an impressive sight. The RS-68 is a LOX/LH2 engine. As part of the launch sequence, ...
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