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The International Space Station(ISS) is composed partially of modules constructed by the Russian Federation. Use for questions specific to those modules. Use with the [iss] tag

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Was the shot-on-the-ISS movie "The Challenge" ever released or is there a release date?

In October 2021 scenes for a movie entitled "The Challenge" were shot onboard the ISS with actor Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko spending a short stay on the station. Source: ...
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Does NASA have any rocket options to replace ISS segments?

Roscosmos has announced their ISS partnership will end in 2 years This might have been seen as an indication that the new administration at Roscosmos was in a more cooperative mood. Any such hopes ...
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How will Nauka be configured on the ISS? In which direction will it extend?

The NASA Johnson Space to Ground: At the Midpoint: 07/02/2021 video this week from Mexico City to promote Espacio a Tierra includes the following: Also launching to the Station, a new multi-purpose ...
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Could the ISS be separated into two parts to make two space stations?

Let's assume that for some reason Russians wants to have a space station on their own, thus to separate their part from the rest of ISS. Would that be even possible without much of work?
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Oleg Kononenko in Space Shuttle suit?

I have seen a photo of Oleg Kononenko wearing the Space Shuttle flight suit, with the NASA badge on it. However, he never flew in the Shuttle, and there’s no mention on the Wikipedia page about him ...
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Tea bags to find the leak on the International Space Station?

Katya Pavlushchenko (@katlinegrey)'s tweet says: Here’s some of today’s news from the ISS. First of all, the leak was finally found (thanks to the tea bag). Anatoly Ivanishin sent photos to the ...
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Assuming MLM/Nauka is launched, what happens to MRM-1/Rassvet?

For the purposes of this question, assume Russia's Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM/Nauka) gets launched and makes it to the ISS. Most articles I read say the MLM will dock at the FGB's nadir ...
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What language is the Russian segment ISS software written in?

I have heard that the ISS uses a Russian coding language for some of the systems and subsystems on the Russian segment of the ISS. What is that coding language?
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How is the docking hatch on the Progress/ATV opened?

Normally during the Progress or ATV hatch opening procedure the crew inside the ISS turn a handle to unseal the SSVP drogue cover which they then pull inward, revealing the Progress docking probe and ...
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What did the Soviet Union and Russia bring to the ISS?

From a comment on another question: The international agreements leading to the ISS are quite complicated. Leaving Russia aside, each of the international partners brought significant assets ...
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What are the sizes and locations of Progress's thrusters?

Supposedly the Progress modules used for ISS reboost, attitude control, and debris avoidance have two large engines and some number of steering jets. I know Zarya has 24 large and 12 small in ...
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What does Zvezda alone lack from being a capable space station?

A recent discussion on the ISS has raised some questions in my mind about Zvezda: Can the US Part of ISS survive independent of the Russian? What does Zvezda alone lack from being a capable space ...
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Can the US Part of ISS survive independent of the Russian?

A new story came out today about Russia potentially preventing the US from using the ISS. One of the claims made was: "The Russian segment [of ISS] can exist independently from the American one. The U....
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Are the power systems on the US and Russian segments of the ISS similar/compatible?

Clearly there is some method of power transfer between the US Segment with the honking big arrays, to the Russian segment. But since the Russian segment is basically Mir 2 (Zvezda, and an FGB tug ...
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What are the windows on the Russian segement of the ISS made of?

Presumably the various windows on the different modules of the ISS are consistent on the different segments of the ISS. What are the windows on the Russian Segment made out of? Do they have special ...
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