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SATCAT is a catalog of satellites orbiting Earth.

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Is the United Nations Outer Space Objects Index anything more than a clone of the Celestrak's Satcat? Is it even that, or less?

This looks like this answer because that's where I found this. Ars Technica's SpaceX Starlink engineers take questions in Reddit AMA—here are highlights included a reader poll when I viewed it, screen ...
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Out of 47,108 lines in the Satcat why are there exactly two lines with launch of the year of 000?

This looks like this answer because that's where I found this. Celestrak offers a copy of a Satcat from which a tabulation of space objects can be gleaned: ...
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Why is the NORAD Catalog number of SpaceX's Starlink's "Darksat" both 71130 and 44972?

@BowlOfRed's answer to Which of the recently launched Starlink satellites is the coated one? links to Celestrak's supplemental table for Starlink.
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Why does 2018-099 (SpaceX, December 2018) still have a dozen unidentified payloads?

According to today's Raw SATCAT Data from Celestrak, the launch designated 2018-099 (SpaceX, December 2018) still has twelve unidentified payload objects! ...
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What is "OBJECT BS"?

I checked 2018-099 in Celestrak's satcat again for the question Where can I find the TLE of ExseedSat 1, India's first ever private LEO satellite? and noticed that ...
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What happens when the 3-letter suffix space of a SATCAT ID gets exhausted?

The ISS' SATCAT ID is 1998-067A. The CubeSats and other objects released from the space station are considered its sub-units, thus using different suffixes: 1998-067C, etc. The same principle applies ...
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