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Questions regarding the gigantic sea based rocket concept to achieve economy of scale.

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Combustion stability for the second stage of Sea Dragon

I was listening to a video about SHLV's (Super Heavy Launch Vehicles), and Sea Dragon's first stage engine was mentioned. In terms of combustions stability, the suggested fix would be large combustion ...
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How do Sea Dragon style launches affect the Nozzle?

The Sea Dragon was a concept rocket to be towed empty to its marine launch-site, where it would be filled and turned upright through the weight of its propellant and some ballast. "Then it ...
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Could the Sea Dragon light it's main engines once it is airborne, or is it too big?

Could the Sea Dragon light it's main engines once it is airborne, or is it too big? Modern submarine launched missiles use compressed gas and the buoyancy of the missile to propel the missile out of ...
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Was Sea Dragon second stage reusability ever plausible?

Many websites consistently claim that the first stage of the enormous Sea Dragon rocket was intended to be reusable. While recovering a giant booster from sea after a splashdown may seem tricky, it ...
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How realistic would the Sea Dragon engine be to produce given today's technology?

Just learned of the Sea Dragon proposal from back in 1962. From the Wikipedia entry The first stage was to be powered by a single enormous 80,000,000 pounds-force (360 MN) thrust engine burning RP-...
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Why do pressure fed engines have combustion instabilities?

Reading about the Sea Dragon idea, I came upon this argument against it, which sounds compelling, but relies on more detailed knowledge than I have: Those are to be pressure-fed to avoid "...
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