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How do Sea Dragon style launches affect the Nozzle?

The Sea Dragon was a concept rocket to be towed empty to its marine launch-site, where it would be filled and turned upright through the weight of its propellant and some ballast. "Then it ...
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Has a rocket from a torpedo tube ever reached space?

Are submarine launches horizontal? is a general question and specifies by name two large ICBMs which are likely to need to be launched vertically. Since the large naval submarines usually come ready-...
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How many maritime launch platforms were ever built?

How many maritime launch platforms has ever been built and used for orbital space launches?
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Sea launch for starship super heavy will need some kind of flame diverter. Any idea how it will work?

Animations of starship taking off from a barge or platform appear as if there is no flame diverter at all. Any idea how that will be handled, especially since they plan so much traffic? Also how has ...
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Advantages of launching very large rocket while submerged, buoyant, in a body of water

I vaguely remember reading about some supposed advantages of launching very large rockets (Saturn size and larger) from underwater in an ocean or similar large body of water. I was recently reminded ...
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If you launch a booster from international waters, who do you have to notify beforehand?

If I have a booster capable of reaching LEO, and want to launch it from a sailing platform in the middle of the South Atlantic (on the equator) do I have to notify some agency or state beforehand? Can ...
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Sea Launch, and other ocean-based launch pads: Stability?

A rocket launch generates a huge volume of gas which are then deflected in different directions. (source: Space News) Ejected gas have the potential to move the deflecting panels, so the platform ...
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