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13 votes
5 answers

What's the best flightpath to get to Sedna by 2076?

Repeated Google searches over the past year, as well as recent searches of NTRS, AIAA, and arXiv, show no signs that anyone has seriously considered a mission to Sedna. I would like to propose a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Do the proper ephemerides yet exist to calculate trajectories to Sedna?

While going through links mentioned in What software can be used to determine deep-space trajectories? and What are the choices today for orbital mechanics simulation software?, I find that a great ...
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39 votes
3 answers

What is the feasibility of launching a probe to Sedna?

This dwarf planet reaches perihelion in the summer of 2076. At a distance of 76 au, is it feasible to launch a probe that would reach Sedna in time? With an orbital period of over 11,000 years, this ...
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