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E/I separation for GEO statellites

Two GEO satellites are being colocated using the E/I separation method. Typically, the eccentricity vector would trace a circular motion with the circle positioned in the first quadrant of the Ex-Ey ...
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How to confirm payload fairing seperation

How do launch providers confirm fairing separation? I know they have a video feed, but I assume there's a more reliable (short delay) means of detecting separation. Is it as simple as a limit switch?
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Rocket dashboard: separation/pyro indicators

I'm curious about rocket dashboards. Separation events are big things and they depend on pyro bolts detonating and linear charges or pneumatic pushers firing immediately afterward. There must be ...
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Why did the CM & LM have to be separated at Apollo launch? [duplicate]

I've just read a bit about Apollo 13, and 1 question that kept popping up in my mind when they talked about the docking between the Command module & the Lunar one is that why did they have to be ...
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Why do rockets coast before secondary payload deployment?

I was watching a falcon 9 launch. After SECO, stable orbit was achieved and the primary payload was deployed. The 2nd stage coasted for an hour (no burns in between) and then deployed rideshare ...
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What are the needle pins that go through the pneumatic pushers of the Falcon 9 fairing?

The Falcon 9 fairing uses four pneumatic pushers to impart a positive separation force between the fairing halves. The pushers all mount on half of the fairing and push against the other half. But ...
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What are these cartridges with holes on the Dragon trunk?

You can see them on the rim in a hexagonal pattern in the picture below. Also present in the latest version of the Dragon trunk, but less clearly than here. They alternate in color from nickel to ...
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How long do we have contact with a centaur after launch

When centaur separates the payload, we can see a video signal of this happening. The mission of centaur is completed now, but are there still some activities centaur is performing after seperation? ...
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After Crew Dragon launch abort, was Falcon 9's detonation intentional?

On 2020 January 19 SpaceX launched the Crew Dragon capsule and tested an in-flight abort, where the capsule separated from the Falcon 9 shortly after launch. Many headlines claim that the Falcon 9 ...
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How does the solid rocket booster jettison system work on an Atlas V?

Is safe booster separation (they call it "jettison") without recontact assured by separation motors, pushers, or what? The Juno Mission Overview refers to "structural thrusters" but that means ...
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Payload fairing separation- Event based or time based?

Refer the answer for this question How strong and "hot" is the wind on the payload after the fairing is deployed at ~110km? It is clear that the fairings are separated when the free ...
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What is the sensor used for Soyuz booster separation?

Roscosmos released their findings of the aborted Soyuz-to-ISS launch, blaming it on a separation sensor that had a deformed pin. What is this sensor? It sounds like an electrical plunger switch, but ...
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Are Falcon Heavy's side boosters aerodynamically detached?

During SpaceX Falcon Heavy test launch live stream, it's been said, just after boosters engines cutoff, the pneumatic separation system on the centre core will unlock the two side boosters and ...
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What are the white dots traveling fast in this video?

In this impressive video, between 40s and one minute, one can see white "dots" traveling very fast. What are these? My guess is that the separation with the payload is done thanks to pyrotechnic ...
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Is spin-separation of boosters ever used?

One of cooler techniques in Kerbal Space Program is safe, easy and cheap separation of side boosters by sending the rocket into a short spin; upon separation centrifugal force ejects the boosters to ...
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Is it possible for the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) to hit the Space Shuttle after jettison?

We all know that the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) were the pair of large solid rockets used by the United States' NASA Space Shuttle during the first two minutes of its powered flight. ...
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Why don't 3-parachute descent systems collide and collapse?

The Orion reentry vehicle will have a parachute system. Like Apollo, they'll have 3:     Orion Parachute Drop Test on May 1, 2013 A model of NASA's Orion spacecraft glides ...
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