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9 votes
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What are these four "waffle-like" structures on top of the Long March 2F just launched?

Near the top of the Long March 2F rocket (middle of the fairing?) that launched today with the Shenzhou-11 crew, there are four square wafffle-like structures that remind me of grid fins. What are ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Have there been any other "camsats" besides Banxing-2?

Banxing-2 is a 47 kg LEO satellite deployed from China's Tiangong-2 on 22 October 2016. It is planned to say in an orbit matched to Tiangong-2 so that it stays in close proximity. According to Gunter'...
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What's falling off the Shenzhou/Long March stack?

Watching the launch of the Shenzhou-11 mission on a Long March 2F, I noticed a number of items falling off the exterior of the rocket. I'm used to seeing chunks of ice sheet coming off of cryogenic ...
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